Classic T Designs
Monticello, MN USA

USA based supplier of upland bird feathers for dog training
Classic T Designs is a manufacturer/wholesaler of wild, dried pheasant wings, quail wings, grouse/chukar wings, pheasant tails and pheasant pelts.  These products are ideal for hunting dog training, fly tying, arts and crafts and floral designs.  

Our products are instrumental in scent training, blind retrieves and acclimating your dog to real feathers. Each wing, tail or pelt is 100% natural.   

Classic T Designs has been been a large reliable supplier of feathers and pelts since 1996.  Tour our Products page to view our various products.  

We are a green company in that Classic T Designs has found uses for the parts of a harvested birds. We are recycling nature products and use previously used boxes for the shipping of our product.    
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