Classic T Designs
Monticello, MN USA

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I use the wings for dog training?
You can attach the wing to a canvas dog dummy.  We use plastic zip ties to adhere the wing(s) to the dummy.  You can also tie the wing to a fishing rod with line to teach pointing dogs.  Hide the wings for blind retrieves.  
What if my dog eats a wing?
A dog's natural instinct is to want to chew on the wing and occasionally they do more than just chew.  We don't encourage eating the wings, however if they do consume the wing then it shouldn't hurt them (no chemicals are used to process the wing) however the dog could become constipated and should be watched.  Call your vet if you have concerns.  
Why should I train using feathers?
It helps give the dog the smell and taste of a real bird versus just a plastic or canvas dummy with no scent or feel.    
How do I take care of the feathers?
If they get wet they need to be air dryed.  Keep dried wings in a plastic bag between use to help keep insects away.