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Pheasant Wings
Train your dog with these real, dried pheasant wings. Teaches your dog the pheasant's scent and can be used alone or in conjunction with training dummies when working retrieves or on a string to work on pointing style. Especially helpful with scent training, blind retrieves and introduction to feathers. 
Available: 2, 4 or 6 pack
Pheasant Pelt Dummy
Pheasant Winged Dummy
Grouse/Chukar Wings
Pheasant Pelt
Pheasant  Tail 
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Real wild pheasant skin wrapped around a canvas dog dummy. Dummy is so real, it should come with corn. The smell and feel are realistic of a live wild pheasant.  

Teach your dog to retrieve pheasants with this dummy and bird pelt combination. 

Canvas dog dummy with 2 attached pheasant wings has the smell, feel & taste of a wild pheasant.

These air dried grouse wings are perfect for training your new puppy or sharpening up an older dog. Each wing is 100% natural and ready to attach to a dummy or for use by itself. 
Available: 2 pack or 6 pack
These dried pelts are beautiful and can be used for feather fly tying, bird dog training or arts and crafts. 
Beautiful pheasant tail feathers are great for fly tying, hats, vases, costumes, flower arrangements, and other decorative uses.
Dried quail wings help cut down on botched coveys by introducing and teaching quail scent. Use independently, with training dummies or on a string; for honing retrieve and pointing style.
Available: 2 pack or 6 pack
Quail Wings
Six wings consisting of pheasant, grouse and quail (2 each).
Variety Pack of Wings
Preparation is the key to maximizing precious hunting time with your dog. 
Real, dried Sharptail grouse wings are sold in a 2 pack.  For pointers and flushing dogs.  
Sharptail Grouse Wings